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Our allegiance is solely to our clients and their needs. Not something most consultants can say. Some even say they are “unbiased” because they happen to carry 150 different telecom products and services, instead of pushing only one. At OptiCOMM we don’t fudge the term. We are “totally unbiased”. To be effective and efficient at optimizing your network requires our loyalty to only one partner- You, our client. Our overriding goal is to ensure you have the network that supports you best, maintain only the services and assets that you truly need, and ensure it is all paid for accurately.

Our span of expertise covers areas of data, voice, wireless, design, contract negotiation, carrier transition, inventory auditing, project management, and more. We utilize industry experts with prior backgrounds from carriers, billing departments, maintenance vendors, and internal corporate telecom departments. Our talented consultants know where to dig for problems and find customized solutions that make a difference to your network’s optimal effectiveness and your organization’s bottom line.

Our time-tested client engagement techniques represent a carefully refined process and methodology honed over 20 years. Our implementation process and proprietary management software work for any client in any type of organization. The improvements we surface allow a client’s network to operate at the optimal level of efficiency and cost.

* Along with an upfront guarantee that ensures we surface at least 11% savings for our clients, OptiCOMM TIO projects actually recover an impressive average of 18% savings across our total client projects to date.

Our Services

Focused to Network Optimizing and Savings Recovery

OptiCOMM services are designed to provide substantial and swift savings recovery, while optimizing telecom infrastructures.  We focus our efforts to Fortune 500 companies where we bring the greatest value. The public sector, particularly the military areas, is another area of great opportunity for OptiCOMM to assist in efficiency gains and savings recovery, through its government services subsidiary, QRF Tech LLC.

Our List of Core Services in High Client Demand:
Telecom Infrastructure Optimization (TIO) (with Guarantee
Contract Negotiation/RFI -RFP Process Management 
Network Redesign & Optimization
Project Management
Network/Carrier Transition
Billing Review & Optimization
Telecom Inventory Assessment
Special Projects (per Client request)

Our Clients

Fortune 500 Companies & Government Sector Entities

Our Fortune 500 clients are well-respected in their fields and come from a wide diversity of industry categories- including healthcare, financial, retail, aerospace, and more. The diversity of OptiCOMM clientele reflects our ability to make a meaningful impact for any large company in any industry.   Fast growth, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, decentralized or centralized decision-making- these factors all naturally create a telecom environment that, over time, can become unresponsive, inefficient, and over-spent. These issues are broad-reaching and not industry-specific. 

To our new Government Sector clients, we understand your distinct differences from the private sector.  With our acquisition of talented government services subsidiary, QRF Tech, LLC, we can now offer the same expertise to restore efficiency and effectiveness in your telecom network and to surface dramatic savings recovery through our proprietary processes.  Like no other company, QRF Tech can amass sizeable manpower teams and apply them on a large scale basis across hundreds of locations or sites over a condensed window of time.  Additionally, we recognize the importance of staffing our teams with experienced security-clearance personnel to manage projects in the most sensitive areas of Government.


Client: Global Bank

  • Recovered $12.5 million in annual savings
  • Removed 2,200 unnecessary, costly circuits
  • Assisted with managing consolidation of 2 acquisitions

Client: Healthcare Entity

  • Optimized network efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recovered $5 million in annual savings
  • Reduced annual telecom spend by 20%
  • Conducted on-site visits of 572 locations

Client: Aerospace Company

  • Optimized network efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recovered $7.0 million in annual savings
  • Avoided additional $4.4 million in unnecessary CapEX
  • Removed 17,500 (22%) unneeded lines & handsets
  • Developed accurate asset inventory


OptiCOMM Acquires QRF Tech

Network Experts with Security Clearance

In 2016, OptiCOMM acquired QRF Tech, LLC, an entrepreneurial consulting company which specializes in network engineering and bandwidth optimization for public agencies and private sector corporations. This acquisition expands OptiCOMM's expertise into the public sector and provides OptiCOMM's private sector clients access to cutting edge optimization tools.

For more information see our QRF Tech page.